June 2013 Desktop/iPhone/Samsung Galaxy lock screen wallpaper

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Wow, June. Half the year has gone by, and that means I’ve been coming up with these calendar lock screens and desktop calendars for six months straight now. This month’s wallpaper was a toss-up between doing a back-to-school theme (June is the start of the school year in the Philippines) or a summer theme for the Western world (a lot of my website visitors are from the US, according to my web stats). So I compromised— a school bag and school books for us in the Philippines, but an idyllic, outdoorsy feel for the others celebrating the start of summer in their part of the world (the school books become just books— exciting, non-boring ones, without any mention of algebraic equations and writing poetry in iambic pentameter).

June 2013 Desktop/iPhone/Samsung Galaxy lock screen wallpaper
Relax – Wedgienet June 2013 desktop wallpaper
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Unlike my other wallpaper downloads, there is just one size available (1600 x 1200 pixels) but it’ll fit all screens. On your computer’s wallpaper settings, just choose “fit to screen” or “center” (or similar) and adjust the border/background color of your desktop to match, if applicable.

June 2013 Desktop/iPhone/Samsung Galaxy lock screen wallpaper

There’s also an iPhone lock screen version so it’s super convenient to quickly check this month’s dates without having to unlock your phone and look for the calendar app. Just download it from the link below and set it as your lock screen wallpaper– no need to scale and adjust.

June 2013 Desktop/iPhone/Samsung Galaxy lock screen wallpaper
Biking Cat – Wedgienet May 2013 iPhone lock screen calendar wallpaper
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I also made a version for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 lock screen, seeing that those are currently the most popular Android models. (Download link removed)

So yeah, six months of wallpapers, and more to come in the coming months ahead!

Wedgienet 2013 wallpapers - the first six months
Wedgienet 2013 wallpapers – the first six months

This personal wallpaper project has helped me a great deal in terms of figuring out and refining my illustration technique, something I had been struggling with. I feel like I’ve already found my style, but technique (a.k.a. how I apply that style) was still something of a gray area up until a few months ago. Doing these themed wallpapers helped me figure it out— the way I drew and applied shading on my drawings during the first three months of the year isn’t something I would do now. I’ve standardised my work process, and over the months I’ve also started adding more detail to my work, something I used to avoid because I was too lazy to put it in and spend more time and effort than necessary on my work. But time and effort pays off, and I’m happier with my work now than I was a year ago.

Thanks to everyone who have downloaded the wallpapers so far and continue to wait for a new wallpaper every month— you guys are what keep me going as I’d hate to miss a month and disappoint people! :D


    • Thanks so much, Sam! Comments like these are what pressures me (in a good way!) into coming up with a new one, every month :D Thank you! :)

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